A cognitive explanation of uni-polar depression

For our non-biological explanation of MDD, we are going to focus on Beck’s cognitive explanation, which features three components; the cognitive triad, the faulty thinking strategies and the silent assumptions.

cognit-1-ppt: Yet another brilliant PowerPoint courtesy of Aidan Sammons, to get us started.

moodco-1-pdf: And Aidan’s accompanying handout.

beck-and-clark-quote: A nice handout with a quote form Beck himself, so you can put a face to a name 😉

a-cognitive-theory-of-depression: My handout on Beck and the cognitive explanation.

cog notebook.notebook (see google drive)

If you are interested in cognitive theory of depression, you may be interested to look further at the depressive attributional style and also at “hopelessness theory”
DAS.notebook (see google drive)
hopelessness.notebook (see google drive)

cognitiveevaluation; getting our evaluation started, again with thanks to Aidan.

Assessment Questions

1. Using research evidence, evaluate one explanation for one disorder other than schizophrenia. You must also evaluate this explanation by making one comparison with a different explanation. (8)