Another social test

Please answer all questions. You have 30 minutes. If you get extra time:

  • 37.5 minutes (25%ET)
  • 45 minutes (50% ET)

Annabel carried out research to investigate prejudice. She gave 20 students two reports of a person who had dropped their bag and needed help. One report described the person wearing a hooded top and the other report described the person wearing a suit. The students had to decide if they would help the person in the report or not.

Table 1 shows the total number of students who said they would help or not help a person wearing a hooded top or a person wearing a suit.

Person wearing a hoodie Person wearing a suit
Total number of students

who would help

5 15
Total number of students

who would not help

15 5

Annabel concluded that people were more prejudiced against people wearing hooded tops.

(a) Identify the level of measurement used in Annabel’s study. (1) 

(b) Identify the experimental design Annabel used. (1)

(c) Explain one improvement that could be made to the experimental design used in Annabel’s research. (2)

2 Tom is busy with his schoolwork and revision. He is told by his teacher, Mrs Smith, to make sure he turns up to lessons early so that he can run errands for her. Mrs Smith orders Tom to do her photocopying and help prepare the classroom for her lessons. Using agency theory, explain why Tom might have obeyed Mrs Smith’s orders even though he was busy. (4)

3. Tom told his friend about Mrs Smith’s demands. His friend said another teacher had done this to him before and he had told the teacher that he couldn’t help her before school. Using your knowledge of psychological research (theories and/or studies), explain why some people are defiant in situations like this while others are more obedient. (6)

4. Evaluate whether research into obedience can be conducted without violating ethical guidelines. (8)