Bio-Medical treatment for Depression

drug-treatments-depressionmy-copy: A table all about various different anti-depressants and their effectiveness, side effects etc.

big-pills: Starter: Some big pills to write everything that you know about SSRIs, Tricyclics, and MAOIs

drug-treament-dep-extract-question: Applying what you know to Maria

drug-treament-dep-extract-question: An extract about Kuyken, a study which evaluates the effectiveness of anti-depressants in comparison with MBCT and a set of related methds questions. You can fidn the fill abstract below:

introducing-drug-treatments-for-depression: A handy handout including information on placebo studies


Stretch and challenge evaluation – Are antidepressants more effective than usually assumed?


drug-treatments-depression: An handy table to use when consolidating your knowledge of the different treatments

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