Edexcel Psychology: Designed for Success; Choices that Work for your Pupils – Wednesday 28 June, London

10.15am: Active learning activities to hit the skills for success

  • Interactive activities carefully tailored to move learning forward
  • Using games and quizzes to build thorough and accurate knowledge and understanding
  • Extending evaluation and developing essay skills

11.30am: Key questions and stimulus response; ensuring pupils can apply their learning every step of the way

  • Suggestions for what, how and when to teach the key questions
  • What do we know about how Edexcel will assess this section
  • Stimulus response; helping pupils to apply what they know and systematically contextualise their answers to hit grading criteria

1.30pm: Practicals that deliver; how to consolidate methods and stats effectively through practical investigations

  • What to teach formally and how much independence to allow in the design of studies
  • Write ups and how to prepare pupils for assessment

2.45pm: Reviewing the Scheme of Work

  • Designing a curriculum that systematically provides a platform for Paper 3 content at every turn, allowing you to pick and choose what you wish to teach and when
  • Mapping the benefits
  • Embedding opportunities to discuss “Individual Differences” and “Developmental Psychology”