Evaluating case studies: exam advice

  • this is a points based question as it is only worth 5 marks; watch the time !
  • be sure to get straight into your strengths and weaknesses without describing the study first
  • don’t just evaluate the study willy –nilly, i.e. a full GRAVE; the question is asking you about this study, in terms of it being a case study
  • think about the strengths and weaknesses of case studies in general and then makes your points relate to this particular case study.
  • you don’t need a conclusion in a point marked question
  • you also don’t have to achieve a balance of strengths and weaknesses although it is good to have a combination of both

Clue words: scientific, interpretation, bias, systematic, validity , reliability, replicable , generalisable, completeness, objectivity, subjectivity, triangulation, credibility, ethics confidentiality in particular)

Useful connectives: and so…, however, whereas, on the other hand, in contrast, despite, similarly, this said, but, therefore, furthermore, in addition

Creating evidence based chains of reason: Back up your AO3 points using reference to AO1 procedural details from Bradshaw or Lavarenne as you prefer.