Our spec Edexcel 2015

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The A Level Sample Assessment Materials

Understanding your exam results 

June 2015 Edexcel AS Exams Papers: What did the examiners have to say?

“Strengths were seen in the understanding of obedience and Milgram, along with the procedure of contemporary studies, where some candidates have really excelled”

“There was a general weakness in giving strengths and weaknesses of the working memory model, the social practical and writing a hypothesis”

“The remaining areas of development often relate to candidate skills and application. Candidates did struggle with the structure of their response content, and the assessment objective requirements throughout the paper”

“Equally, many candidates appeared unaware of the differences in the taxonomy of questions, and did not differentiate their responses to answer the question being asked”

Edexcel, (2015). Examiners Report: AS Exams.


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