When asked to leave their bags with the guard, 14 holidaymakers hand over their bags and 2 say no.

  1. i.) What is the ratio of people who hand over their bags to people who do not hand over the bags? (1)

Answer: 14:2 which can be simplified to 7:1

ii.) What is the percentage of holiday-makers were defiant (1)

Answer: 2/16=0.125 x 100 = 12.5%

In questions like this always show your workings (the sum that you did) , as there may be marks available for this. This is particularly true of more complex calculations where you might have got some of it right but not all and the examiner will want to credit this.

This question is out of one so there are no workings marks on this occasion as its quite a simple calculation.

How do we know what to do?

2 people said no to handing over their bags, i.e. they were defiant. There were 16 holiday-makers in total and so we do 2 divided by 16 multiplied by 100 in order to find the percentage of people who were defiant.