Year 12: End of Term Social Test

This test is out of 20.

  • You have 27 minutes to complete the test.
  • If you get extra time (25%) you have 34 minutes to complete the test.
  • If you get 50% extra time , the test will take 40 minutes.
  1. Describe the procedure of Milgram’s study from the point where lots are drawn to assign the role of teacher and learner (4)

Question 1: Answer

Flora and Dora are on holiday and have gone to visit a palace whilst sight-seeing in the capital city. As they go through the entrance, a man with a security badge tells Dora she must leave her bag with him while they look round as it is too big to carry round the palace.

2. a. From your understanding of the psychology of obedience, identify two features of this situation that might lead Dora to obey. (2)

Question 2a: Answers

Dora shakes her head and says “no, I’d rather take my bag with me”.

b. Explain how individual differences, such as personality influence whether a person resists an order from an authority figure (4)

Question 2b Answers

When asked to leave their bags with the guard, 14 holidaymakers hand over their bags and 2 say no.

c. i.) What is the ratio of people who hand over their bags to people who do not hand over the bags? (1)

ii.) What is the percentage of holiday-makers were defiant (1)

Question 2c Answers

  1. Evaluate Milgram’s Experiment 10 (8)

Question 3 Answer