2018 Practical: Cross-cultural differences in obedience to authority

In class you will work in small groups to create your questionnaire, keeping a detailed record of all design decisions made along the way. We will use survey monkey to format and distribute our questionnaire to a range of international schools across the world.

Link to survey monkey: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/D6GDSB3

We have already studied the impact of cultural differences on obedience, looking at whether the cultural dimensions of individualism/collectivism and power distance are correlated with obedience in any way. Remember you can use the Hofstede’s website to look up IND and PDI scores for any country. Once our data starts coming in you can look up the countries where our participants come from. https://www.hofstede-insights.com/country-comparison/
Helpsheet for 2018 practical: research-exercise-social-2018
Last year we had respondents from schools in USA, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Czech Republic, Denmark and Bahrain, not to mention the North and South of England too!
Complete this sheet with your contributions towards the group questionnaire:  questions-for-the-group-questionnaire 2018
Writing up the social practical (you will also have your own copy through google docs) social-practical-template-2018