Methods, designs and techniques

Differentiating between research methods, experimental designs and ‘techniques’ can be really tricky, especially for students who are learning in a second, third or even fourth language. Short and extended response exam question may state that the answer must focus on a research method, and it is important that students choose one of the methods identified in the specification/guide. In the IB this can be a bit of a minefield and it is therefore essential that students are clear about what counts as a method and what doesn’t. The following quiz was designed to help them to do just this. Although the quiz was designed with IB students in mind it may also be helpful for A level students studying either the British or International courses, but you are advised to check your own specifications as the terminology is sometimes used differently depending on the exam board. It should also be helpful in disambiguating terminology relevant to Paper 3 (Highers) and Internal Assessment.


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