Have you forgotten something?

Would you and your students like an opportunity to participate in an international research study aiming to further our understanding of how memory works as we go through adolescence into adulthood and then into middle age and beyond….


Who can take part in Ashok’s research?

Anyone over 16 (staff and students); it doesn’t matter at all if participants have existing memory difficulties, head injuries, brain injuries, diagnosed brain disorders or psychological difficulties, in fact Ashok says, “the more different types of people who do the test, the better”.  Sadly, GCSE students who are under 16 cannot currently take part, although Ashok’s team are designing tests for school-age children.

Is the test available in language other than English?

The current version of the test is available in English so as long as it is your first language or you are conversationally-fluent, then you can take part. Ashok’s team are developing translations in other languages so watch this space.  

How long will the research participation element take?

The research is conducted online and the first part takes up to 25 minutes, for some students this may be considerably less. Following their participation, they will then receive a one hour session presented by Dr Ashok Jansari. At this point, the students will go back online and undertake a 3 minute test to see what they can remember from the first session. The students will be required to go back online at the same time the following day to complete the final stage of the research. This will also take 3 minutes and could easily be done on their mobile phones. We strongly advise students to set an alert on their phones to remind them to do this!

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