Acquisition and maintenance of phobias

Starter activities:


phobias: A powerpoint

pictures of Mowrer’s rats in shuttlebox: mowrer rat study

An interesting study on fear conditioning and some methods and stats questions for practice:

Olsson et al (2007)

Method and Stats Practice Question based on olsson

Answers to Olsson HW

Evaluation of Learning Explanation (nurture) of phobias

diamond-9-phobias-essay REVISED evaluation activity to get you considering fragments of an essay

evaluatiing-theories-of-phobias-dont-be-dre AfL activity to help you work out how to improve your evaluative writing.

answer key for don’t be dre


Evidence to support that phobias can be acquired by CC: 

Little Albert (see classic study): bangs-and-rats pictures for a quick starter to refresh memories of Little LAbert.

Applications to real life; Therapies based on CC

capafons: A study which supports systematic desensitisation as a useful therapy; useful evidence to support that conditioning explanation of phobias has also had benefits to society.

Alternative Explanations for Phobias (Biological – Nature)

Follow the link above to find more information that will help you to evaluate the learning explanations of phobias. This type of information may also help you to develop your wider understanding of psychology and therefore be very beneficial when answering synoptic/issues and debates questions.


Help with essay planning and delivery: essay practice on phobias