Agentic State

We enter the agentic state when we are confronted with an authority figure or someone we perceive to occupy a higher status than us in the social/power hierarchy. In this state we may:

  • blindly follow orders
  • displace responsibility for our actions onto authority figure
  • give up free will
  • experience moral strain due to following orders that go against our personal sense of right and wrong or conscience

In the exam never use bullet points and also take care with examples.You need to show how the cited example relates to the term so just saying for example

“65% of Milgram’s Pps went up to 45oV” is not an example but “Milgram’s Pps followed orders from the experimenter because they saw him as a legitimate authority figure as he was a member of staff at Yale. They followed orders to harm the learner with supposed electric shocks even though this caused them severe anxiety in many cases”

Always be careful to avoid using the term from the question as part of your answer ,e,g agentic state is “acting as an agent” will not gain credit.