Ainsworth’s ‘Strange Situation’. Types of attachment: secure, insecure-avoidant and insecure resistant

A summary of Ainsworth’s work in Uganda: ainsworth in uganda.docx

An article about Ainsworth’s work in Uganda: uganda20.pdf
Smartboard show on Ainsworth and Bell: ainsworth notebook.notebook findings and conc Ains.notebook
Summary of Ainsworth and Bell’s (1970) classic study using the strange situation, including two strengths and two weaknesses: Summary of Ainsworth and Bell.doc
A sheet which you can complete yourself to summarise the study described above: ainsworthsummary.doc
Further research findings on individual differences in attachment: findings and conclusions spech bubbles.doc
An article about Ainsworth’s work with John Bowlby: ainsworth_bowlby_1991.pdf
Some new vocabulary: Words of the day att 2.doc 3 minute clip about strange situation 18 minute video about Ainsowrht and the Strange situation