AQA Paper 1 Exam technique

  • Read the question carefully and tailor your answer accordingly, i..e if you asked about why people conform, write about explanations for conformity, (e.g. normative and informational) not studies of conformity, (although these may be relevant if you use the findings to help exemplify your points.
  • Read the whole of each question before diving into part a;
    • lots of questions have multiple parts and what you write in one part has to be followed through in other parts of the question.
    • reading the whole thing, will help you make better choices and might save time as you are less likely to change you mind and have to start again.
  • Plan your answer with care before putting pen to paper, especially on the longer mark allocation questions. Brainstorm your idea first, then pick the best ideas, bullet-point your answer, then start writing.