Child Psychology

A summary of the UNCRC (1989):

Assessment questions

  1. One year old Kizzy cries a lot when her mum drops her off at nursery. Kizzy’s mum is worried and asks you whether you think this is normal. Discuss Kizzy’s behaviour with reference to Bowlby’s work on attachment. (8)
  2. Zhe had lived most of his life on his own in a dense forest. When hunters discovered him aged 14, he screeched like a monkey and swung rapidly from branch to branch, showing a mixture of terror and aggression. He is now being supported by a team of dedicated professionals. Assess the likelihood that Zhe will overcome the negative effects of privation. (16)
  3. Lulu and Wes have decided to put 3 year old Archie into nursery a few times a week. Lulu believes that he will do better at school if he attends a good nursery but Wes is worried because his nephew became more aggressive after he started nursery. Evaluate the possible advantages and disadvantages of day-care for Archie’s development. (16)
  4. Michele and Tara are cross-cultural researchers. Tara wants to study children in two cultures longitudinally. Michele is planning a meta-analysis of children 12 cultures. Assess the usefulness of the two proposals in drawing conclusions about the universality of attachment types. (16)