Clinical: Practical Investigation

One practical research exercise to gather data relevant to topics covered in clinical psychology. This practical research exercise must adhere to ethical principles in both content and intention. Content analysis that explores attitudes to mental health.

In conducting the practical research exercise, students must:

  • perform summative content analysis
  • analyse at least two sources (e.g. radio interviews, newspapers, magazines) to compare attitudes towards mental health.

5.5 Practical investigation

Suitable examples

  • Comparing how attitudes have changed over time.
  • How different sources report mental health.

Handout used when we conducted the data collection: Summative Content Analysis Handout

Link to original paper by Owen (2012):

Writing up the practical: research-exercise-clinical-2017

Reading around the topic for the Introduction and Research Question

An extremely useful article for your introduction:

The film “Angel Baby” is Australian and therefore this report on understanding and attitudes towards mental health in Australia is relevant. You may be able to refine your aim by looking in detail at attitudes in this country as revealed in this survey study:

Similarly this abstract details some attitudes held by Australians regarding schizophrenia and it would be interesting to see whether Angel Baby reinforces these stereotypes or challenges them:

The following is a similar reference to a study conducted in attitudes towards mental illness and in particular medication and dangerousness in the States and therefore will be helpful in theorising about the role of the Soloist in reinforcing and challenging stereotypes and stigmatisation:

Another excellent source for your introduction:

A variety of other potentially useful sources of background reading: