Correlational research





Practice Questions

  1. A strength of the correlation as a research method is that …

A it allows us to determine cause and effect.

B the independent variable is tightly controlled.

C it provides detailed, qualitative data.

D the results may lead to new areas of research.

2. A negative correlation is when …

A one variable increases and so does the other variable

B one variable decreases and so does the other variable

C one variable increases and the other variable decreases

D one variable decreases and the other variable stays the same

3. A team investigating the role of early experiences on later behaviour decides to undertake a longitudinal study using a correlational design. They wish to discover whether the amount of time children spend using social media before the age of 10 has an impact on their behaviour as adults.

Design a correlational study that would be appropriate for this investigation. Include as much detail as you can on things such as the sample, timescales, ways of measuring the variables, practical and ethical issues. (9)

4. Delia has heard somewhere that the number of horror films watched may be linked to the number of frightening dreams that people have. She has decided to carry out a correlational study to investigate this. Describe how Delia might carry out her correlational study. (5)

You could include:

  • sample
  • procedure
  • measurement of variables

Explain one strength and one weakness of using the correlational research method, as it is used in biological psychology, to inform our understanding of aggression. (4)