Cultural variations in attachment, including van Ijzendoorn

Information about Ainsworth’s cross cultural, longitudinal study of infants and their mothers in Uganda: ainsworth in uganda.docx uganda20.pdf

Finding out about cross cultural differences in attachment styles: CCD hw.doc Cross cultural variations worksheet.doc crosscultdiffs.notebook intro to CC diffs.ppt
A classic study looking at cross cultural differecnes in attachmdetn styles: Van Ijzendoorn and Kroonenberg: van ijzendoorn and kroonenberg.doc
Fact sheets about a range of cross cultral diferences in child rearing practices: bfeed_culture.pdf carry.pdfsleeping.pdf touch.pdf
Some new vocabulary: Words of the day att 3.doc
What do you remember about child rearing practices in different cultures: Cultural diffs multiochoice.docx