Quizizz is a great app for delivering various different types f assessment online. I have used it primarily so far for multiple choice quizzes, which you can set as live quizzes, i..e in class in real time or you can set them as homework. These integrate really nicely with google classroom and their scores will be merged into the classroom pupil reports. They have launched a new feature not that also allows you to create online lessons too, a bit like peardeck or nearpod.

Teachers can create free quizizz accounts at https://quizizz.com/ and then you will be able to use any of the quizzes that I have already created. I am making new ones all the time and I will try and remember to add them here so you can all use them too. These do take me considerable time to make and therefore it would be great if you could consider making a pay pal contribution for the free use of all my resources here at psychologyrocks (please see homepage).

IB Paper 1 Socio-cultural collection: https://quizizz.com/collection/5aca8a1a67bf32001a11f657

IB Paper 1 Biological collection: https://quizizz.com/collection/5d51aa4dcaa88f001a03fc89

IB Paper 1 Cognitive collection: https://quizizz.com/collection/5c1143dcf0f274001ad2f6fa

IB Paper 2 Clinical collection: https://quizizz.com/collection/5aa47325ecebc8001fb43dcf

Also for those IB teacher doing Abnormal, please check the Edexcel Clinical quizzes at the bottom of this post as there are some quizzes here that are also good for IB too 😀

IB Papers 1-3/IA Research Methods: https://quizizz.com/collection/5bc7973f789479001b633adb

More methods and stats quizzes IB/A Level: https://quizizz.com/collection/5aa47366389cb1001f0c1e9d

Bio-Psychology: https://quizizz.com/collection/5d51aaca768603001a6e8bed

Social Psychology – Asch: https://quizizz.com/collection/5d51aae7caa88f001a03fe21

AQA A Level Approaches: https://quizizz.com/collection/5d51aab3caa88f001a03fd96https://quizizz.com/collection/5d51aab3caa88f001a03fd96

AQA/Edexcel etc: Issues and Debates: https://quizizz.com/collection/5d51aa70768603001a6e8af4

AQA/Edexcel etc… Cognitive: https://quizizz.com/collection/5f622fc3f98521001b26ecc4

Edexcel A Level: Social Content https://quizizz.com/collection/5beee4e7b8393a001ab60601https://quizizz.com/collection/5beee4e7b8393a001ab60601

Edexcel A Level: Social Studies https://quizizz.com/collection/5a2ef29b8e5714100081b0c7https://quizizz.com/collection/5a2ef29b8e5714100081b0c7

Edexcel A Level: Learning Content https://quizizz.com/collection/5a53f4c82f50261000734b21https://quizizz.com/collection/5a53f4c82f50261000734b21

Edexcel A Level: Learning Studies https://quizizz.com/collection/5c11445c470cc6001a726763https://quizizz.com/collection/5c11445c470cc6001a726763

Edexcel Biological Approach:

Edexcel A Level Criminological https://quizizz.com/collection/5aa47154a2d476001c02cc9d

Edexcel A Level Clinical Content https://quizizz.com/collection/5a53fb3cbcac420f00e515d2

Edexcel A Level Clinical Studies https://quizizz.com/collection/5aa473a1ecebc8001fb43de9