Defence mechanisms



Here is the list of studies that you have been asked to research for hw just in case you cannot open the smartboard file; don’t forget you can always open these on my computer in my classroom if I am not around.
Williams (in blue eysenck)
Adams (1996) full length journal article also p91 angles
Bateman and Holmes (1995) – in Angles
Koehler (2002) (cognitive chapter in angles)
Walker (1997) (cognitive chapter in angles)
Kanaan et ak (2007) p90 angles
Willick (1995) p91 angles
Griffiths (1999) p91 angles
Anna Freud (1936) p92 angles

Once you have completed the defence mechanism worksheets, check your answers here and come and talk to me about any that you got wrong: Answers to defence mechanism sheets.doc