Diary Entry Homework

Read the following diary entries. Pick out lines which seem to illustrate the “ethic of justice” and the “ethic of care”. Which one do you think belongs to a female Pp and which to a male?

“It was just such a ghastly experience, while I liked the researcher and wanted to help him with his research I couldn’t understand why he seemed to not be bothered bout the man crying out in the room every time he was shocked. I didn’t want the researcher to feel bad about what he was doing by me making a fuss about it but at the same time I didn’t want the learner to be hurt either. It was awful hearing him shrieking in there and it all being down to me pushing the buttons.  Looking back, I am questioning myself how could I have been so cowardly as not to have stood up to the experimenter and done the right thing. But, as I say, then the researcher might have felt bad unnecessarily because actually what he was doing was potentially going to help a lot of people in the long run, as knowing about how punishment affects learning is also important.”

“God, what a strange day that was. I unwittingly took part in a study on obedience today where I was asked to shock a man for making mistakes on a word game. I was told that the study was about the effects of punishment on learning. I feel dreadful about what I did but at the same token , the researcher did say he was entirely responsible and his objective was a sound one, helping society to learn more readily. Yale is an excellent university and their research is internationally renowned, scientific research is central to the progress of society and. The learner did consent to be in the chair and get electrocuted. Yes it was awful when he said he didn’t want to participate any ore and maybe I should have said no but the researcher was adamant that the shocks would cause no permanent damage and the man was making mistakes and he had consented to be shocked for those mistakes. I could equally have been in the chair. Of course not receiving shocks of that intensity I don’t know whether I would have wanted to withdraw but I know that if you say you will do something , you really ought to carry it through.”