Factors influencing diagnosis

Normality versus Abnormality

Classification Systems

The Role of Clinical Biases in Diagnosis

Validity and Reliability of Diagnosis

General Assessment Questions

You could be asked about biological, cognitive and/or socio-cultural factors that  influence diagnosis.

Personally, I would avoid such a question as it is hard to distinguish bio, cog and socio-cultural causes of disorders from influences on diagnosis.

Worst case scenario: I would suggest cognitive and socio-cultural seem easier as the suggestion here is that the person making the diagnosis is a: hampered by cognitive biases which affect his/her diagnosis, b. culture/gender which are SC factors could also affect the diagnostic process in terms of both the client and the practitioner. I am not so sure how this question would be answered if it was about biological factors, other than if the practitioner is aware of family members with disorders making a diagnosis more likely as it may be believed to have been inherited??

You could also be asked about ethical considerations in diagnosis and approaches to research in the study of factors influencing diagnosis.