Freudian theory

The unconscious, preconsious and conscious minds

consciousness components for sort and sequence.doc Please print, cut out the pieces and sort them into three piles relating to conscious, preconscious and unconscious; stick them onto your iceberg model. See if you can find the one ‘red herring’ – One of the squares has an incorrect piece of information, can you find it?
freud 1 randomiser.ppt We’ll use this to see how much you have learnt!
PsychoD vocab capture 1.doc This is to record how many times I mention all our new key words and for you to ensure to have captured and recorded what they mean; you could also cross reference the sheet to the handouts and notes in your file.
the unconscious.doc We will use this handout to provide exdmaples of isseus lurking in the unconscious mind.
The Id, the ego and the superego
powerpoint 1.ppt Powerpoint to go with the handout below
A2_ANY_freudunconscious.pdf Handout Important supporting handout that you need to digest in full; add content to your own notes and diagrams
unconscious and tripartite.notebook Smartboard: This is the supporting smartboard file and you will only be able to open this on a classroom computer (the room must have a smartboard as this means the computer will have the correct software – you can download this for free from internet using a link that I pasted on the blog somewhere on homepage if you search for it!)

The Psychosexual Stages
psychosexual stages handout.pdf Handout: The psychoseuxal stages.
A2_AQA_development_freud_personality&fixation.pdf Activity: How fixation at different points in the psychosexual stages might be related to adult personality.
AS_AQB_gender_oedipusCards.pdf Activity: How different stages of the Oedipus Complex migth be expressed in a child’s behaviour, his interaction with his parents and in his play.
psychosexual stages powerpoint.ppt PowerPoint: Brief description of the psychoseuxal stages.

Focus on the Phallic Stage: The Oedipus complex
Little Oedipus fairy tales.doc : Activity Miss Wood’s Fairy tale version of the odeipus and Electra complexes.

The psychodynamic Approach as an explanation of gender identity and development
practice ansas freud on gender.doc Handout Fill in the gaps and consolidate your understandind of the Psychodynamic Explanation of Gender
Comparing explanations of gender psych and bio.doc Handout Compare the Psychodynamic and Biological explanations of gender
Comparing explanations of gender PsychoD and learning.doc Handout Compare the Psychodynamic and Learning explanations of gender

Please read and make notes on Chapter 3 Price and Crapo (LOL!) which refers to malinowski’s study of the Trobriand Islanders whomlive in an avuncular society where uncles take chargeof discipling their nephes. here the boys had dreams have bad things happenign to their uncles but not to their fathers; where does this leave the oedipus complex? Please answer the questions at the end of the chapter.

Evaluating Freudian theory