Hormones and Behaviour

Fantastic site on the endocrine system and every hormone you can think of as well as many more! https://www.yourhormones.info/

The effect of a hormone (singular) on human behaviour can be examined using one or more examples.

A sensible choice here is cortisol as this will allow for crosses over with the cognitive approach and two of the option topics (abnormal – depression and health – stress) however most of the textbooks have sections on a range of hormones, often focusing a great deal on oxytocin.

Oxytocin and trust

Oxytocin and trust: Kosfeld et al (2005) – unige_101739_attachment01

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I also used this study as an example for research methods: kosfeld experiment example

Adrenaline and memory

Practice SAQs

  • Outline/Describe/Explain the effect of one hormone on one human behaviour with reference to one research study. (9)

Practice ERQs

  • Discuss/evaluate research into the effect of one hormone on one human behaviour. (22)
  • Discuss/evaluate the effect of one hormone on one human behaviour. (22)


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