This is a brief handout on this important dimension, cribbed from the wonderful  John Crane 😉  Individual_vs_Collectivist (1)

Why not watch:

There are a variety of different ways in which different national cultures express their version of individualism or collectivism. You should have found out about some of the these differences in your reading from the Stella Ting -Toomey book.

One effect of Ind/Coll on one Behaviour: Berry (1967): I have made you a Quizizz:

  1. Make sure you have APFC notes in detail of this study (15)
  2. Conduct a GRAVE on this study (10)
  3. Explain one strength and one weakness of the study (4)
  4. To what extent do you think the findings may have been linked to stereotype threat? (3)
  5. What is meant by ecological fallacy and how does this relate to this topic? (4)