Issues and Debates

A level psychology students are required to critically consider a wide range of issues and debates that weave their way through every topic in psychology.  In Paper 1, Section E you will be required to answer two extended response questions, on issues and debates and therefore will need to pay careful attention to these as they arise naturally within our teaching.In the SAMs the question are worth 8 and 12 marks, to give the required total of 20 marks. However there is no rule that says the questions have to be split in this way. We will also revisit all of the issues and debates towards the end of Year 13.

issues and debates booklet: Use this booklet to collate examples as you revise each aspect of your course.

Ethical issues in research (animal and human)



Practical issues in the design and implementation of research


Reductionism in the explanation of behaviour


Comparisons of ways of explaining behaviour using different themes.


Psychology as a science


Cultural and gender issues in psychological research.


The role of both nature and nurture in psychology.


An understanding of how psychological understanding has developed over time.

 the passing of time

The use of psychology in social control.

 soical control

The use of psychological knowledge in society


Issues related to socially-sensitive research.