Issues with the diagnosis of depression

Depression can be difficult to diagnose

Read up from p. 85 ( A level textbook); you can also use these articles by Regier and Sartorius which provides data on the field trials of the DSM-5 and ICD10 respectively. You could also use the study by Ponizovsky on p. 37 which also mentions affective disorders.



  1. Sofia’s doctor thinks she may be suffering from depression. What research evidence is there to suggest this diagnosis might not be reliable? Click here for additional information once you have had a look yourselves.
  2. Explain what is meant by kappa values, see p. 34 if you can’t remember.
  3. Sofia’s classmate Chunhua has come to study at her college from China. She has been suffering with shoulder pain for weeks on end. Her teacher thinks it might be due to working long hours on her computer. Explain why her teacher might be wrong and make suggestions about how a credible diagnosis could be reached for Chunhua. You should refer to the ‘Cultural Formulation Interview’ in your answer.