Split Brain Research

Here is my slideshow on split brain patients, designed for synchronous online delivery with students who have already read up about the topic, in the textbooks for example. This was originally developed in google slides using the pear deck add on for the interactive elements, but WordPress will not allow me to link to google slides…if you would like to use the interactive features open in google slides, go to ‘add ons’ and search for ‘pear deck’.

Lateralisation and Split Brain Patients

If you would like to read from the original Sperry paper, find out more here.

Original paper Sperry (1968)

Here is a quizizz link for this topic:

Interesting snippets for evaluation:

  • Dundas et al. (2015) – Face recognition is right side lateralised
  • Collins and Mohr (2013) – Function becomes less lateralised with age – known as the HAROLD model (Hemispheric Asymmetry  Reduction in Older Adults)