One Biological Explanation of Anorexia Nervosa

Learning Objectives

  • to describe the genetic explanation of anorexia nervosa with reference to two candidate genes, DAT1 and 5HTR2A, which are linked to dopamine and serotonin transmission.
  • to evaluate the genetic explanation of anorexia with reference to twin studies

This lessons focuses only on the second two genes explained on page 58. You do not need to know about EPHX2 and ITPR3 as these relate to a contemporary study tat we are not going to lok at. Also they are rather complicated and linked with cholesterol. It is much better to learn about DAT1 and 5HTR2a as these are linked to neurotransmitters that you already know about.

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If you want to you can read more about the EPHX2 and ITPR3 genes on p. 58 of your textbook and the linked contemporary study, Scott-Van Zeeland et al. (2013). Unless you understand a bit more about the role of cholesterol in the body, you may not understand how this links to eating behaviour and anorexia. A explained above, this was why I chose the DAT1 and 5HTR2A genes, since they link to other aspects of the course, that you already know a bit about. – lots of useful stuff here for 20 marker. useful study to support the role of dopamine (i.e. indirect support for DAT1 gene)