What do the examiners say (and what can we interpret from this)?


  • understanding of obedience and Milgram
  • procedures of the contemporary studies

Suggests that expected standard is likely to increase as this is an area candidates are very good at- the bar will be rising i- maybe the level of detail expected will become higher.


  • giving strengths and weaknesses of the working memory model
  • the social practical; when talking about improvements you need to say how or why this alteration would improve the practical; you need to be able to describe and evaluate all the processes involved in the practical and be clear as examiners don’t now what your project was about
  • writing a hypothesis
  • the skill of application; using the character name alone is not enough to gain credit! Every point needs to link hooks from the scenario to key psychological concepts.
  • structuring of response content
  • assessment objective requirements, e.g. the difference in the taxonomy of questions
  • differentiation of responses to answer the question being asked
  • generic and limited evaluation of studies
  • Overly detailed description of studies leading to a lack of balance in the response, limiting the mark bands.
  • Forgetting to make conclusions at any point in the essay

Advice: Chains of reason in essays must be underpinned with AO1 knowledge and
understanding points.