Power Distance

We looked at the study by Zhang et al. (2010) to illustrate Power Distance which looks at the behaviour of impulsive buying and self control, including ‘vice’ and ‘virtue’ products.

The original paper can be viewed here: Zhang et al. 


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  1. Describe the values of a high power distance culture (2)
  2. Describe the values of a low power distance culture (2)
  3. Would you expect a ‘globalised’ country to have high or low power distance?
  4. Give example of three high power distance cultures and three low  power distance cultures ranked on a scale and showing their score out of 100 (6)
  5. Explain how and why the power distance of a culture affects one behaviour (use Zhang et al.). (2)

IB assessment style questions

  1. SAQ: Describe how one cultural dimension affects one behaviour (9)
  2. ERQ: Examine how one cultural dimension affects behaviour (22)