Principles of the SCLOA

Here we are interested in the shared assumptions or beliefs held by socio-cultural psychologists; these are known as principles. When we are studying these basic principles, we are thinking about what is is that sets socio-cultural psychologists apart form biological or cognitive psychologists; what do they think is important and worthy of study and why? What do they feel are the most important determinants of human behaviour, thoughts and feelings?

If asked to outline the principle(s) then we do not have to give an example but doing so will help you to write enough and will help to exemplify your points. Pay slose attention whether you are being asked for one principle or whether you need more than one, i.e. there is a plural ‘s’ as in ‘principles‘. Take extreme care if asked for one, they will credit the first one that you mention and no additional principles mentioned, even if they are in better detail.

If asked to explain, you need to make connections between the underlying assumptions and specific pieces/areas of research (studies and/or theories) which provide useful illustrations of these assumptions. The links are paramount, you MUST pick a sound study that really does exemplify exactly what you have written in your stated principle. This may not be as easy as it sounds without strategic planning (revision) and mindful reporting of the principle and the study.