Revising Social Causation Hypothesis

social-risk-factors-table: Use this table to consolidate your learning in this area 🙂

My revision notes

Practice questions

  1. Describe one non-biological explanation of schizophrenia (6)
  2. Evaluate the explanation of schizophrenia described above. (6)
  3. Evaluate one non-biological explanation of schizophrenia (20):
  • to help you use the writing frame sheet for 8+ markers (ATCHOOBC/EAA)
    • use all the relevant evidence at your disposal, the Lederbogen study is particularly interesting when looking at the role of early life
    • think about how social facotrs are linked to potential for therapy and treatment; also social policy and mental health think about the Sioux Indians and the Dakota pipeline
    • think about the evidence which clearly points to the role of genetics and ensure this is embedded as a clear-cut competing argument but remember concordance rate for MZ twins is only 42% and therefore environmental factors clearly contribute
  • use the writing frame for the role of genes that we used last time and adapt it for the role of social factors
  • use the strengths and weaknesses activity and try to embed these fragments into well developed chains of reason
  • think about the diathesis-stress model especially as you get close to the conclusion

4. Compare one biological (do not use the role of neurotransmitters) and one non-biological explanation of schizophrenia (16)

  • Be sure to use comparative phraseology throughout e.g. both, whereas, similarly, in contrast etc.
  1. Revisit your applied and evaluation question on the role of genes in schizophrenia; you can now add to these as you know a bit more about environmental factors and evidence to support their role, e.g. questions on Zara and Elizabeth, the MZ twins where one already has schizophrenia.
  1. Casey works for the council in Camberwell, an inner city area of London. She is preparing a presentation to try to attract some funding for a project which aims to improve mental health in the area. She wants to target children from ethnic minority groups and create a project which will aim to increase their resilience to mental health breakdown in the future.

What do you think of Casey’s project idea and what advice do you have for her about psychological research that she could use in her presentation? (8)


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