Schachter and Singer (two factors in emotion)

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Do you want to feel your sympathetic nervous system kick in? BEWARE this clips is NOT for the faint hearted!! You will be experience a sudden racing heart as it will make you jump out of your skin unexpectedly even if you know its going to happen! You have been warned!!

The facial feedback hypothesis – a potentially fun practical activity to revise some paper 2 skills?

Strack et al (1988) asked Pps to hold a pencil either between their teeth which creates a forced smile or between their lips, removing the smile and giving a bit of a pout. They then rated images of cartoons for how funny they found them. The ‘forced smile’ group found the images on average funnier than the ‘forced pout’ group. Despite this being an appealing idea, research suggests that the findings are unreliable and various attempts to replicate the study have failed, (Wagenmakers et al. 2016).

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