Symptoms and features, including thought insertion, hallucinations, delusions, disordered thinking
The function of neurotransmitters as a theory/explanation
One other biological theory/explanation: The role of genes
One non-biological theory/explanation
One biological treatment for schizophrenia
One psychological treatment for schizophrenia

Revising schizophrenia AO1: Quizizzs

Assessment Questions:

Direct from the SAMS – notice how some of these questions combine knowledge from different learning objectives, to really make you think under exam conditions –

Evaluate the view that schizophrenia has a stronger biological basis than other mental disorders. Refer to one other mental disorder in your response. (20)

A moving TED talk by an extraordinary young British woman with schizophrenia: this is Eleanor’s story, there are some challenging themes here, this is Eleanor’s version in her own words…if this doesn’t speak to you I don’t know what will…

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Films to watch:

  • A Beautiful Mind: 
  • Angel Baby (beware some distressing themes covered here)
  • The Soloist

Books to read:

  • I never promised you a rose garden

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