Social control

  • Social impact theory; social engineering, using I=f(SIN) to get people to do what you want.
  • Aversion therapy
  • Conversion therapy
  • The role of demagogues in inciting prejudice
  • Authority figures and destructive obedience
  • DSM and medicalisation of people who are different; treatment of women historically in luntaic asylums
  • Institutionlisation of people in long term residential care; blnaket use of ECT and meds in days gone by
  • using classical conditioning with Japanese soldiers
  • Drug treatments for schizophrenia, depression
  • Anti-Psychiatry: Laing, Szasz

Assessment Questions

  1. Psychological techniques have been used to achieve social control. Evaluate psychological means of social control. You must use evidence psychological research in your answer. (20)