The Extended Essay

The Guide

Help what does a thesis statement look like? Try using this tool to help you.

My extended essay planning sheet

Why not use virtual sticky notes in jamboard or google slides to help you to organise your ideas and store links to all the papers you want to use? I’ll paste some examples here eventually!

Finding suitable sources

A colleague recently shared this amazing virtual library:

The BPS Research Digest and Google Scholar

Why not search for articles of interest using the BPS Research Digest? Scroll down and on the right you will find a search box where you can put your search terms, e.g. refugees, depression, basketball and see what comes up. Have a read and if you find an article you like, scroll to the bottom and you will find a link to the abstract of the original article. Copy and it and past it into google scholar. This will bring up a link to the article (hopefully!).

The image below gives an example – the search term in the Research Digest, was “basketball”, which brought up a great article from January 2021. Scholar shows other related articles, provides the APA reference all ready for you to paste into your references section and shows if the article is freely available on the internet or not (many are but some are behind paywalls, some schools may have access to these through the school library so check in with your supervisor, IB co-ordinator or school librarian AKA, your new best friend!)

You can also search through scholar of course for useful articles using key terms rather than searching for specific papers. As the IB recommend only using sources from the last 20 years (for the main body of the essay), you can set the search parameter to post 2000 for example using the dates on the left hand side of the scholar screen.

How is the EE graded?

Handy poster from Hodder Education to explain the 5 grading criteria