Types of Validity

Jamboard for talking about internal and external validity

Behind each of the elements of the house are the features of an experiment, (alternative and null hypotheses), IV, DV, situational and participant variables, both of which need to be controlled to achieve high internal validity, i.e. the extent to which changes in the dependent variable are caused by (depend on) changes to the independent variable. The lab (house) is white and plain to represent the controlled environment juxtaposed against the ‘noisy/lively’ background of real life. The ‘smoke’ coming out of the chimney is about the extent to which the findings from inside the lab can be used to predict behaviour in the outside world where the experimenter is no longer in control! You could minimise the pictures in the background to represent them researcher ‘turning down the volume’ on confounding variables. I am sure there are ways of adapting this to play ‘through the keyhole’ to guess whose lab in this is and other games.