Variously Vincent

A starry starry night (ATP 2022): Google Slides

Ideas for activities

German artist Diemut Strebe recreates van Gogh’s ear from DNA samples in ‘Sugarbabe‘; speculative biology – Article by Stephens (2020); Speculative biology: precarious life in art and science resurrection projects ‘de-extinction’ and synthetic biology.

Turkheimer et al. (2020) ; A GABA Interneuron Deficit Model of the Art of Vincent van Gogh

Walker et al. (2017); Looking at paintings in the Vincent Van Gogh Museum: Eye movement patterns of children and adults

Loving Vincent – The making of – Dorota Kobiela and her fully painted feature film

Bees show preference for van Gogh sunflowers other paintings 🙂

Ted-Ed on Starry night and the accurate depiction of turbulence

Hayat, T., & Sami, M. B. (2021). Early magnetic resonance imaging biomarkers of schizophrenia spectrum disorders: Toward a foetal imaging perspective. 

Taghipour et al (2019); Temporal lobe epilepsy and the genius of van Gogh

Nolen et al. (2020) Semi structured interviews- bottom-up approach to diagnosis

Article written by Aurier – first interpretation of van Gogh’s work –

The Van Gogh Letters project – to find sources for qualitative data analysis

Octave Mirabeau – In the sky