Criminal Contemporary Study; Tip for the teachers

Hi second post of the day. I have just spotted a cross over in the specification for criminal psychology. I hadn’t spotted this before as its not a topic that I teach but could be useful in terms of revision. Pupils need a study that supports the use of both their cognitive behavioral treatments for offenders and their biological treatment for offenders. They also need a contemporary study from the choice of Bradbury and Williams, Valentine and Mesout and Howells et al. The latter is a study of anger management which is also classed as a cognitive behavioural treatment in the example in the specification. This is an area where a sensible choice of contemporary study can kill two birds with one stone. The other two are also very useful studies as well though so you like to teach Howells in detail but look a the other two as well as they tie in well with the Key Questions in the spec and also with Issues and Debates.


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