Coronavirus and online learning

What astonishing times we are facing?! With so many schools closed across the world, I wanted to do my bit to help out as much as possible. I have put all my quizizzs onto twitter but I know some of you do not have access to twitter and have asked for my to post them on my website instead, so I am posting the links here. Contained within these links are over 60 quizzes and goodness knows how many MCQs overall! You need to download a teacher account in quizizz (free app, can also be accessed as website version or app for tablets/phones). Once you have the app you should be able to access my quizzes and set them for your students. So here goes, some of these collection only contain one quiz on that topic but other contain quite a few. I am sorry I don’t have quizzes on some of the topics. Quizizz has thousands of public quizzes though and you may find that other teaches have shared quizzes that you are looking for. I have set all of mine to public for the foreseeable future but I do find them hard to search for sometimes so it may be easier for you to find them here. If anyone makes any quizzes and would like to share them here, then please do get in touch and I will paste them here for everyone!

Good luck everyone!

IB Paper 1 Socio-cultural collection:

IB Paper 1 Biological collection:

IB Paper 1 Cognitive collection:

IB Paper 2 Clinical collection:

also for those IB teacher doing Abnormal, please check the Edexcel Clinical quizzes at the bottom of this post as there are some quizzes here that are also good for IB too 😀

IB Papers 1-3/IA Research Methods:

More methods and stats quizzes IB/A Level:

AQA A Level Bio-Psychology:

AQA A Level Social – Asch:

AQA A Level Approaches:

AQA/Edexcel etc: Issues and Debates:

Edexcel A Level: Social Content

Edexcel A Level: Social Studies

Edexcel A Level: Learning Content

Edexcel A Level: Learning Studies

Edexcel A Level Criminological

Edexcel A Level Clinical Content

Edexcel A Level Clinical Studies


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  1. MillyMolly76 says:

    Aw thanks for the shout out Laura and Claire at Psychology Sorted! Keep safe my friends xx


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