Alternative explanations of phobias

  1. Evolutionary

evolution-of-mental-disorders-phobias: Useful for a competing explanation of phobias, explaining why some phobias are very common yet few people have actually been exposed to learning situations which could account for their phobias, e.g. of snakes/spiders/heights/water etc. (Ancient fears)

2. Genetic


phobia-genetics-table useful to support the biological explanation of phobias.

describe-one-research-method: A PowerPoint on twin studies, to remind you how these can be useful in elucidating whether a behaviour is learnt or innate; the evidence suggest phobias are at least in part genetic and this could appear as a competing argument in your essay.

3. Neurochemical

gaba-activity : explains a little about possible biological explanations of why some people are more predisposed towards anxiety related disorders and therefore again useful for evaluation of the learning explanations of phobias.