I started writing professionally whilst working as an assistant psychologist with Professor Sue Buckley at Down Syndrome Education International, a charity supporting children and young people with Down Syndrome. I was lucky enough to learn alongside highly esteemed colleagues and realised my love for writing and editing whilst working as sub-editor of one of our in-house publications, Down Syndrome News and Update and authoring booklets for the Downs Syndrome Issues and Information series.

Since then, I have co-authored two Edexcel A Level Psychology student textbooks and two revision guides for Illuminate Publishing and authored an online course for Cambridge International A Level students. This year, I co-authored the new CAIE Psychology textbook for Hodder education.

I write regularly for Psychology Review magazine and have recently accepted a role as a permanent editor for this outstanding publication. I also write for the IB Psychology Inthinking website.

Articles and Assemblies

An article based on an assembly about neuropsychology:

A tale of two cities: what lies beneath?: a tale of two cities

The pursuit of the truth is futile: pursuit of the truth (1)

Unabridged version of book reviews for Psychology review magazine:


One flew over the cuckoo’s nest

Write up of ATP conference:

Write up from Prague trip:

An article on everything psychology; good for IB methods and maybe TOK: Putting our world into words

Not strictly an article but a PowerPoint for an assembly on many things – great for critical thinking, TOK and culture; steepak, stephenson, monkeys and memes

Keep Dancing Assembly/Study Skills Session: Fixed and growth mind set neuroplasticity and more: Keep Dancing!