Canli et al. (brain scans and emotions)

Canli et al. Psychology being Investigated (PBI) word search using key terms and vocabulary from the introduction:

Some background viewing on memory:

Another excellent documentary on memory if times allows:

And another interesting video about why its easier to remember than it is to forget:

Learning a little more about memory at this stage in the course could also be helpful to you:

The original paper:

PowerPoint for doing a partial replication (obviously without the brain scans!) to see whether positive or negative valenced images are recalled better. You can get the students to also rate the images 0-3 as Canli et al. did. And then analyse the percentage of each group of images, e.g. for Pp1 how many of the images they rated as 0 did they recall, 1, 2,3 etc. The do same for Pp 2 and so on. Then graph the average percentages for images scored 0, 1, 2, 3.

Quizzes for Revision/AfL

Click the image to create an editable copy, this was a revision jamboard that I used to support the student in talking through the procedure. We then started picking out details to create evaluation points.

Sort the images to scaffold understanding of the procedure.

Practice exam questions for Canli _ click to make a copy