Experiment 5: The new baseline

The spec says you need to learn the 1963 original study and 3 variations, 7, 10 and 13/13a however Milgram  compares the scores in the variations with Experiment 5 which he caked the new baseline. This is where he introduced the idea that the learner had a heart condition In this variation the learner was also allowed to hear the learner responding to the electric shocks although all of this was standardised for every participant and was in fact pre-recorded. The variation is the one that you see in Five steps to Tyranny and many other clips that you might find on youtube and so on and therefore is it important that you are also able to refer to this variation.

Use the relevant pages from “Obedience to Authority” to ensure you can answer these questions: variations-on-milgram-experiment-5-new-baseline

My answer sheet is also provided here for you to check your understanding of your reading: variations-on-milgram-experiment-5-new-baseline-with-ansas