Explanations of MDD





General assessment questions, (e.g. methods and ethics)

  • Discuss ethical considerations in the study the aetiology of disorders.
  • Evaluate one or more approaches to research in the study the aetiology of disorders:
    • Focus group study: Lackey (2008) – Acculturation Mexican men and depression: Lackey 2008 study notes
    • Activity about inductive content analysis linked to Lackey: Inductive Content Analysis and Lackey
    • Semi-structured interviewing: Ornelas et al. (2009) – similar study on Mexican mothers
    • Animal experiment: Raleigh and Maguire.
    • Human experiment: Moreno et al, Klaassen et al (2002).
    • Quasi-experiment: Ruiz-Caballero and Gonzilez (1994).
    • Correlation: Alloy et al.

Revision Venn Diagrams:

Use these Venn diagrams to come up with differences between the approaches (bio, cog and socio-cultural). Contrast essays need to include all the same criteria as any other essay but you will need to ensure that you include differences between the approaches in your answer as well as research studies and critical thinking.

Contrast cog and soc exps of dep

Contrast bio and soc exps of dep

Contrast bio and cog exps of dep