Extract/scenario questions

Questions with an extract/scenario are very common in Edexcel and will account for about 30% of the marks and therefore understanding the requirements are critical to your success. So…

Always contextualize your answer; there will be plenty of little ‘hooks’ in the scenario, or bits of information which should trigger you to think about bits of psychological knowledge that you have covered in your course. It essentially a game of spot the hooks and match them with something you know! Your answer needs to keep going back to these hooks and you should systematically reference information from the scenario throughout your answer.There are usually as many hooks roughly as marks available for the answer. You need to recognise that simply using the name of character in the scenario throughout hour answer is not enough. There need to be clearly identifiable themes from the scenario being used to match to differing bits of psychological knowledge for each individual mark in a points based answer.

This is the way to bag as many of those AO2 marks as possible!

This sheet shows how to plan a scenario question using an example from social: