Findings of Bastian et al (2012)

Bastian et al (2012) found that Mortal Kombat players scored themselves significantly lower  on the perceived humanity of self questionnaires (mean was 3.74) compared with the Top Spin Tennis players (mean was 4.35).

When asked to score their co-players level of humanity, the Mortal Kombat players also rated their co-players as less human than the Top Spin players rated their co-player, (Mortal Kombat mean was 4.43 and Top Spin was 4.93)

Bastian et al (2012) could not put this down to Mortal Kombat being more frustrating as both games were rated as very similar in this respect, (3.27 for the violent game and 3.04 for the non-violent game).

However, participants rated Mortal Kombat as marginally more enjoyable and significantly more exciting than Top Spin Tennis. However, a statistical test called an ANCOVA was used to see whether these differences in the games might have affected the amount of dehumanisation, yet the results suggests that this was not the case; the level of violence in the game was still found to be significant.

Dehumanisation          marginally           3. 74         enjoyable

similar        4.43          Top Spin Tennis                     significantly

ANCOVA             MANCOVA                       lower        exciting

Call of Duty          higher          4.35           FIFA           Mortal Kombat

violence               less           more            4.93     different

frustrating                     3.27

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