Genes and behaviour

The evidence for links between genes and certain types of behaviour requires critical evaluation in the light of environmental factors.

Gene Regulation affects gene expression and suppression (turning on and off)

Research Study for SAQ: Behaviour- Depression (cross over with Abnormality Option)

Caspi et al (2003): Stick men to create the three groups of S/S, S/L, and L/L alleles – caspi pps

Gap fill – Model SAQ using Caspi et al. (2003): Genes and Beh SAQ gap fill

Original paper for more info (fact checking!)

Depression - genetics (caspi) 6

Practice questions:


  1. Explain the link between genes and behaviour with reference to one research study. (9)
  2. Describe one research study relevant to the study of  genes and behaviour . (9)


  1. To what extent is one or behaviour influenced by genetic inheritance? (22)
  2. Evaluate research into the study of  genes and behaviour . (9)